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If the process identified by pid is alive (that is, it’s not exiting and has not exited yet) than this function returns true . Otherwise, it returns false .

pid must refer to a process running on the local node.

Inlined by the compiler.

Cancels a timer returned by Womens Suede amp; Leather Sneakers Helmut Lang YCpZhCrnBe

When the result is an integer, it represents the time in milliseconds left until the timer would have expired.

When the result is false , a timer corresponding to timer_ref could not be found. This can happen either because the timer expired, because it has already been canceled, or because timer_ref never corresponded to a timer.

Even if the timer had expired and the message was sent, this function does not tell you if the timeout message has arrived at its destination yet.

:async - (boolean) when false , the request for cancellation is synchronous. When true , the request for cancellation is asynchronous, meaning that the request to cancel the timer is issued and :ok is returned right away. Defaults to false .

:info - (boolean) whether to return information about the timer being cancelled. When the :async option is false and :info is true , then either an integer or false (like described above) is returned. If :async is false and :info is false , :ok is returned. If :async is true and :info is true , a message in the form {:cancel_timer, timer_ref, result} (where result is an integer or false like described above) is sent to the caller of this function when the cancellation has been performed. If :async is true and :info is false , no message is sent. Defaults to true .

Deletes the given key from the process dictionary.

Returns the value that was under key in the process dictionary, or nil if key was not stored in the process dictionary.

Demonitors the monitor identified by the given reference .

If monitor_ref is a reference which the calling process obtained by calling embellished ankle boots Metallic Marco De Vincenzo cx5QA
, that monitoring is turned off. If the monitoring is already turned off, nothing happens.

See :erlang.demonitor/2 for more info.

Sends an exit signal with the given reason to pid .

The following behaviour applies if reason is any term except :normal or :kill :

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Cooling and thermal management comprise a major part of global energy consumption. The by far most widespread cooling technology today is vapor compression, reaching rather high efficiencies, but promoting global warming due to the use of environmentally harmful refrigerants. For widespread emerging applications using microelectronics and micro-electro-mechanical systems, thermoelectrics is the most advanced technology, which however hardly reaches coefficients of performance (COP) above 2.0. Here, we introduce a new approach for energy-efficient heat pumping using the elastocaloric effect in shape memory alloys. This development is mainly targeted at applications on miniature scales, while larger scales are envisioned by massive parallelization. Base materials are cold-rolled textured Ti Ni Fe foils of 30 m thickness showing an adiabatic temperature change of +20/−16 K upon superelastic loading/unloading. Different demonstrator layouts consisting of mechanically coupled bridge structures with large surface-to-volume ratios are developed allowing for control by a single actuator as well as work recovery. Heat transfer times are in the order of 1 s, being orders of magnitude faster than for bulk geometries. Thus, first demonstrators achieve values of specific heating and cooling power of 4.5 and 2.9 W g , respectively. A maximum temperature difference of 9.4 K between heat source and sink is reached within 2 min. Corresponding COP on the device level are 4.9 (heating) and 3.1 (cooling).

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Cited by References

A Galisultanov et al 2018 Smart Mater. Struct. 27 084001

View abstract side stripe trousers Nude amp; Neutrals Msgm ohYP5VFio
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This paper reports the design, energy recovery and logical functionality modeling of four-terminal microelectromechanical (MEMS) comb-drive devices for capacitive adiabatic logic (CAL). The proposed electromechanical element consists of the moving mass with two insulated electrodes and two fixed electrodes. The two pairs of fixed and moving electrodes form an input and an output comb-drive capacitive transducer. The voltage across the input port allows us to control the capacitance of the output port. The developed contactless four-terminal design is simulated in Coventor MEMS+ software. In order to speed up transient simulation of numerous devices in an electronic Simulation Program with Integrated Circuit Emphasis (SPICE) simulator, the obtained electrical and mechanical characteristics are used to fit our Verilog-A analytical compact model. SPICE simulation results demonstrate CAL logical functionalities using a cascadable power clock scheme, i.e. logic state differentiation and cascadability. We also show that MEMS-based calculation is energy efficient: for example, in a chain of four buffers, 99.1% of the energy transferred to the device is recovered for later use when devices operate at 25 Hz. The non-recoverable energy is mainly dissipated by mechanical damping during the logic state transition from high to low level and can be removed by using retractable power clocks. For this mm-scale device the energy dissipated per operation is of the order of 1 pJ. This is still far from the energy dissipated by a nm-scale field-effect transistor (FET), which is of the order of tens of attojoules. However, for the contactless design constant electric field scaling is possible and the energy dissipation decreases proportionally to the cube of the size. Finally, the limitations of irreversible MEMS-based CAL are discussed. References

Junjie Shi et al 2018 Smart Mater. Struct. 27 084005

S P 500
09:31:03 AM
05:16:02 PM EDT 7/12/2018
05:42:23 PM EDT 7/12/2018
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05:07:49 PM EDT 7/12/2018

HILLSBOROUGH, N.J. , July 12, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Modal Scarf when lulu was silent by VIDA VIDA ZLqkHZgTy
, the manufacturing productivity company, will discuss the details around QU4RTET, the first open source platform for level 4 serialization, in a webinar on Wednesday, July 18, 2018 , at 2:30 p.m. EDT .

QU4RTET, available at ,gives pharmaceutical companies unprecedented freedom, transparency and security in meeting the requirements of the federal Drug Supply Chain Security Act (DSCSA). Since QU4RTET is open source, customers no longer pay software license or transactions fees, wait for badly needed features to inch their way to the market, or guess at the code that's driving their business.

QU4RTET helps to fight prescription drug counterfeiting by generating and managing unique product identifiers for printing on saleable units of a prescription drug – from bottle to carton to pallet to case. This numbering process, called serialization, helps make every saleable unit traceable from the maker or packager to the drugstore shelf. QU4RTET orchestrates "level 4" serialization – that is, communication between an organization's business systems and manufacturing/packaging lines.

The QU4RTET webinar will feature cropped floral print trousers Blue Im Isola Marras kOB2f
, subject matter experts discussing best practices in serialization and the benefits of open source software.

: John Jordon , president and Rob Magee , portfolio director, Vantage Solutions

: Wednesday, July 18, 2018 , 2:30 p.m. EDT

: Register to attend .

Vantage is the manufacturing productivity company. For manufacturers facing safety, quality, or efficiency challenges, we provide strategic guidance and cost-effective execution of initiatives to improve serialization, packaging, inspection and more. Our team is seasoned, lean, on time and within your budget. .

View original content: MultiWear Wrap violet sweater by VIDA VIDA r4iH8

SOURCE Vantage Solutions

JPMorgan beats on record 2nd-quarter results, profit jumps 18% (JPM) »
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Some of the biggest names in dealmaking in New York and London are duking it out as part of the Comcast-Fox-Sky bidding war »


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Science offers some, albeit imperfect, models for sharing credit that we used as a rough model. Another model that many people might find interesting are films, which have lots of individuals collaborating in different ways. And, indeed, isn’t that the point, to recognize collaborators, each in their own way. That is different than the currently individual scholar investigator that is so common in the humanities. Importantly, recognizing collaborators is important regardless of the level of that contribution. And, that’s the point, that we should create ways of recognizing that work; though, surely, it is not a demand to list everyone who ever sat in a meeting or classroom.

Credit is different than intellectual property or being a PI. Intellectual property and such are separate issues whose application vary by institution, and even state law. This bill of rights will do little to change law or university guidelines. But, what it can do is suggest a model for building more egalitarian communities within DH centers, which can improve the research climate and incubate creativity and inventiveness.

Incidentally, I am not at all sure that all the great talent is working “behind the scenes” while hacks occupy central stage, suppressing innovation. Universities are surely conservative places, and tenure works against innovation by its very construction. Hailed to protect academic freedom it also ties up University resources in salary lines that have a half life of 30+ years. Even so, the possibilities for innovation in universities are still impressive, esp. relative to industry where employees’ intellectual property rights are notably more restrictive as as the frames for their creativity. In fact, I would suggest that the emergence of DH Centers, and their flourishing underscores that innovation is not only possible but alive and well in Universities.

Even so, I was impressed by the bill of rights because it is a gesture against what can be lacking in both the industry and university models. It suggests that providing a more egalitarian project structure in DH projects might not just promote innovation, but it also will help the field to retain talent, and to help digital humanists of all varieties build lasting, sustainable careers.

Also, I would strongly endorse Eric Johnson’s recommendation that we recognize that DH careers do occur in many non-university institutional contexts; it is an important point.

January 25, 2011 at 5:45 pm

Agreed. When universities look for experienced scholars with Ph.D.s to support DH work among faculty, they may be best served by following their processes for staff hiring. (Faculty hiring is slower for a reason, often due to the long-term commitments of the tenure process and to the fact that faculty teach undergrads in courses.).

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